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    Innovative automation technology
    There is no advancement without innovations. Innovations open new solutions. Innovations bring success. VIPA is seen as innovative by its customers and partners, because here solutions are found by leaving usual routes that bring real competitive advantages. We focus on customer requirements, whether it is simple or complex solutions. !

    VIPA customers like the advancement’s
    Our focus to completely satisfy our customers is the main part of all our activities. Our various automatization platforms focus on the requirements of our customers and partners. So for more than 20 years we have been able to completely satisfy our customers with advanced technologies that are part of today´s industrial standard.

    The VIPA team as guarantee of success
    Our highly motivated and qualified employees ensure the quality of our products and services on a very high level and so the satisfaction of our customers. We constantly scrutinize and revise what exists already and from this develop new products. As a medium sized company we can react very flexibly, quickly and effectively to changing market needs.


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    Deutschmann Automation is a German company located in Bad Camberg. For more than three decades, the company has designed and manufactured innovative network components for the sector of industrial data communication. Founded exactly 40 years ago, the manufacturer became known for electronic cam controls in the 80ies.

    Today, Deutschmann represents continuity in product maintenance and a comprehnsive support and at the same time stands for innovations when it comes to the development of new network components. The company works closely with the different user organisations.

    The UNIGATE Series of products covers single-chip solutions for integration in your own electronic circuitry, DIN rail gateways from serial port to the field buses and Industrial Ethernet, besides gateways for linking various field buses and Industrial Ethernet among themselves.
    The bus range includes PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, LonWorks, Modbus-RTU as well as Modbus TCP/IP.


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    High performance and competence
    For over 30 years the di-soric corporate group is specialized in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation. Thanks to continuous innovations a vast product range is available, which is completed by high-value LED-lightings, machine vision and ID systems. The family owned company currently employs over 200 members of staff.

    Our customers include small and medium sized companies as well as international groups and numerous car manufacturers. International sales is handled by our own highly-qualified employees and capable distributors. Close customer contact and continuous market analysis allow us to identify and implement new or changed product standards immediately. Customized devices are another particular strength of our production department.

    Friendly and helpful staff, competent technical advice by phone, on-site customer support, a highly efficient warehouse and quick delivery service are the reasons our customers value us. We don’t consider ourselves just a supplier, but a partner to our customers.

    The di-soric Solutions GmbH & Co. KG is focused on customer service, project planning and implementation of solutions in the field of the industrial image processing and identification.

    In cooperation we find out the best and most efficient solution.

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    The ESCHA Group – Connectivity- and Housing Technology
    For more than 30 years, the ESCHA Group has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing qualitatively high-grade connectivity and housing technology which are implemented in automation technology as well as in machinery- and plant engineering. At ESCHA, you get all from one hand: innovative standard connectivity, individual and special solutions, and custom-made automation components according to protection classes IP67, IP68 and IP69.

    A lot can be done
    Take advantage of years of experience in connector-, housing-, and tool design, a professional project management , an efficient and modern tool shop as well as the certified production for injection molding, cable manufacturing, and overmolding technology.

    Through innovative strength and highly in-depth development and manufacturing, ESCHA realizes custom-made special solutions and customer-individual products on a daily basis.

    Networked worldwide
    The group headquarters, development and production are based in Germany. With about 600 employees around the globe ESCHA generates an annual group turnover of 55 million Euros. Through a global sales network and production sites in Europe, America, and Asia, the company guarantees consistent product-, quality-, and service standards worldwide.


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    In the Hessian city of Lahnau between Wetzlar and Gießen we manufacture products that are always a little ahead of their time. For more than half a century now.

    Eugen Janitza GmbH was founded in 1961 and in 1986 it brought an independent daughter into the world: Janitza electronics GmbH, with Markus Janitza as managing director. Just two years later Janitza presented the world’s first electronic power factor controller with harmonic limit values and automatic step switching.

    We introduce new technologies and combine existing applications to form convincing, intelligent products. This has brought us worldwide recognition. From class A power quality monitoring devices with EN-50160 analysis through to complete energy data management systems: We continuously set standards for the entire industry.


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    PROCENTEC is an independent company, concentrating all its products and services on PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. Our main business is the development of automation products which are exported through our worldwide distributor network. PROCENTEC is also providing vendor independent training and support to end-users.

    The technology and solutions that we offer enable our customers to successfully participate in the world of industrial automation. We take pride in possessing in-depth knowledge of fieldbus requirements in factory and process automation and the expertise to create innovative solutions for these areas.

    With ProfiTrace we are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile PROFIBUS troubleshooting and maintenance tools. Our robust ProfiHubs provide the most reliable network infrastructure on the market today. The superb combination of these products within ComBricks enables us to rapidly become the primary manufacturer of network components with integrated capabilities for remote monitoring and asset management.

    Product development and export
    We develop in house PROFIBUS and PROFINET products that are being exported through our worldwide distributor network. Especially in the area of maintenance tools and network components we have gained a unique market position.

    Our innovative product portfolio is being used by our own experts, which means perfect utilization for the end customer.


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    Company profile

    • profichip is a private held company located in Herzogenaurach, Germany
    • profichip incorporates a team of professional engineers with long expertise in the field of automation and extensive knowledge of industrial fieldbus communication technologies.
    • profichip commits itself to provide optimized chip designs for the automation world.
    • profichip supports the customer with a complete range of services.


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    Committed to excellence
    Progea is a software company that produces software for visualization and control, data acquisition and management for industrial automation. Founded in 1990 Progea is now well established in the international market as software platform builders for automation. It is renowned for its professionalism and software product innovation and is used as a reference point in the automation sector. The company is based in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, USA, and has a worldwide distribution sales network.

    About the Group
    Progea is an expert visualization, data acquisition and control software company. Founded in 1990 and well established in the international market, Progea is well known for its professionalism and innovation…

    Since 1991, Progea has been paving the way in the world of evolutional Industrial supervision and is now a reliable and competent reference point for all its customers. Progea started out as it planned to do by developing its company in line with its product technology know-how, customer help services, quality and professionalism…

    Progea manages its business processes in accordance to the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality normative, with TÜV system certification since 2001. Furthermore its software products have been developed to meet all the audit requirements stipulated in the UNI-EN 50128 safety regulations…


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    World leading designer and manufacturer in Military PC, Industrial PC, IPC, defense, military, industrial, factory, foods, mining, medical, chemicals, outdoors, and all fields.
    1500 models designed and shipped to all Europes, USA, Canada, S. America, M. East, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, India
    We are very quick in design, excellent quality, fast delivery, most competitive pricing, 1.5 USD Million large inventory.


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    Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Winsonic was established in 1997. The company is a leading global provider of digital visual technologies, especially LCD applications. With strong R&D and manufacturing facilities and global sales and marketing channels, we are united by our customer-centered principles, which include quality, innovation and value. We pride ourselves as the leading LCD lifestyle supplier. This is evidenced from our customer’s response in all aspects including customer services, production, reliability and technical support. Since our beginning, we have always invested a large portion of our revenues into research and development. Our production lines include LCD monitors, LCD Touch Panel Monitors, LCD TV and MPEG 4 Flash Card Reader displays for desk computers and home TV. All our products have FCC, ROHS and CE approval. Let your imagination run free as your television transforms into a web-enabled home entertainment system and your work place comes alive with user-friendly display tools. We have various sizes to offer, ranging from15″, 17″, 19″, 20″, 32″, 37″ to 42″.

    Winsonic has 2 manufacturing plants and assembly lines in Taiwan. With strong Emphasis on an efficient supply chain and the highest standards of production-line quality, Winsonic prides itself on the excellence of its manufacturing operations. We maximize production volumes to achieve economic scale and allow flexibility in component allocation.

    Winsonic’s vision is to bring Quality, Performance, Innovation and Enjoyment on everyone’s life.

    Technology has increasingly become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. Within this world, a new breed of consumer is emerging and as they are demanding and passionate, they want to be stimulated, entertained and surprised. They are engaged in a constant search for the ultimate Digital Age lifestyle which brings together quality, performance, innovation and enjoyment through technologies that are easy to understand and simple to use