7-inch HMI provides the right set of applications for a variety of industrial applications. Based on the embedded ARM processor system platform, ACHMI007 is designed according to the harsh industrial application environment. It has low power consumption, high stability and easy development. It adopts 4-wire industrial resistive touch screen. This series of human-machine interface supports WincCE 7.0. It is the most industrial automation, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and power, smart city, industrial Internet of Things, industry 4.0 and other fields.


♦   4-wire industrial resistive touch screen, sensitive to touch, good light transmittance, scratch-resistant, no drift
♦   Software supports multiple gesture operations
♦   IPS full-view HD liquid crystal.
♦   24BIT true color liquid crystal display.
♦   A8 processor, high speed and smooth.
♦   The industry’s ultra-thin product design, innovative anti-loose structure, easy to install.