Connext is an OPC UA Server that supports a large number of protocols for industries, infrastructures and buildings. It supports advanced features that include Gateway, Historian / Data Loggers, redundancy, OPC UA server and Client IIoT protocols and many more. Connext is the ideal solution for every M2M, IT and OT factory level connectivity need.

What the advantages of using this product?

Connext offers advanced tools that include the Gateway, Historian, Alarms & Condition, IIoT and Redundancy functions.


Data Server

Il Server Connext è certificato da OPC Foundation e supporta le specifiche Data Access, Alarm & Conditions, Historical Access.


The Connext Server offers maximum openness with a SDK to allow .NET developers to integrate their own suite of customized protocols in order to expand the existing library of ready and available Drivers.

Communication Protocols

The Connext OPC UA Server includes a suite of communication protocols listed under different categories. They can be activated one at a time or several at a time by using the Multidriver option and Gateway function. The list of communication protocols (Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, BacNet, Ethernet/IP, Konnex and others) can be viewed on the website in the ‘Support’ section. The Connext Drivers are the same ones that are used in Movicon.NExT.
Each Connext communication protocol supports automatic variable import from the field or PLC for easier and faster communication configurations.


Connext is offered with a modular license policy that sizes licenses by the required number of Tags (variables). One TAG is any one variable connected to the field in bit, byte, bit, byte, word, float and double/long 64bit, including those defined as structure or array members. The byte, word and other variables can be pointed to single bits. (Note: each variable member of Structure or Array types count as one Tag).



Gateway & IIoT

Each Server Tag in a MultiDriver configuration, can be connected simultaneously to different communication protocols. Due to the Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, data read in the field can be connected directly to remote systems or to data collection platforms in the Cloud such as Emerson Cloud. Databoom for example.

Historian & Data Loggers

The Connext Server offers the option to use the Historian to record data on relational databases (SQL Server is used for default) or in the Cloud (SQL Azure). By supporting OPC UA Historical Access, the Connext data server can therefore be used as a data collection system to provide historical data as well.

Alarms & Condition

The Connext Server also provides the option to use the Alarms configuration to manage Alarms & Conditions specification in OPC UA Clients when needed.

Connext embraces Industry 4.0

Connext can meet every real-time connectivity need and transcends the limited use of traditional OPC UA Servers.