Complete, reliable and scalable from Win10 to WinCE. The Movicon 11.6 scalable architecture is the ideal SCADA/HMI solution for all types of industrial automation application.

What are the advantages of using this products?

An ideal all-inclusion platform for creating supervisory application for big systems to small embedded HMI Systems.


Movicon™ 11 is completely based on XML. The platform is open to integration and customization with the world of with Windows™ applications. Projects can be grouped in hierarchical structures, distributed and shared.


Powerful and
Simple Editor

Movicon™ 11 offers a simple intuitive configuration environment that comes complete with all the features you need to create projects effortlessly in less time than ever. A great variety of features and ready-to-use objects and resources are included to enrich and simplify project configurations.



Movicon™ 11 offers an all-inclusive software platform, one unique Editor from Windows™ 10 (Win32/64) to Windows™ CE. Companies need only install just this one software for any micro application for HMI terminals or any medium or large application for enterprise and process plant supervision.


Movicon™ 11 ensures optimal performance in Embedded PCs based on a revised concepts of “exception-based” technology and enhanced real-time data management. The historical data logging features offer open, performing and reliable solutions.

Drivers, OPC UA and DA

Movicon™ 11 has a complete and native communication I/O Driver library for all types of devices and PLCs available today to ensure maximum connectivity.
In addition to the free of charge and included driver library, Movicon™ 11 also offers full connectivity using OPC UA and DA both as Client and as Server.

Data Recording on DB

Process data can be stored on any relational DB using Data Loggers and encrypted. Data is transparently recorded using ODBC technology allowing your project to be database independent.



Powerful and all-inclusive Alarm Management

Movicon 11 offers a powerful and totally configurable Alarm management that supports the ISA S-18 standard. Alarms are stored on database for subsequent chronological or statical analysis. The Alarm Dispatcher sends notifications to personnel by SMS, Email, Voice Modem Text-to-speech or PUSH mode (e.g. Telegram).

Reports, Trends and Data Analysis

Movicon 11 offers powerful analyzing and reporting tools that can be used wherever you decide to record your historical data. Trends, Charts, Tables, Data Analysis and an inbuilt powerful Report Designer are also included to offer sophisticated analysis solutions locally and over the Web. Historical data analyzing is totally integrated without needing additional tools and allows access to any DB, data extraction and chart and table representation. The Report Designer allows you to create and manage reports locally.

Maximum level of protection

Movicon 11 integrates various options to manage security at the highest level. The User management provides an authentication process to access and audit any one of the project’s functions. Data can be recorded on a protected DB and encrypted. The CFR21 Part 11 standard is supported to create projects that conform to the most stringent norms.
The fully automatic Redundancy management allows the use of systems in Mission Critical applications.

Movicon™ 11.6

Based on traditional and well-established technology, unmatched for reliability, simplicity and performance.